Employee Engagement: How to lead stubborn workers.

Being labeled a bad team leader because your employees are stubborn is not a fun spot to be in. Show you are an internal leader by solving the problem before they affect others in the organization. The quicker that you solve this problem the faster you can accomplish your organization’s goals. Ron’s practical solutions will turn your employees from disengaged to active contributing assets.


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On Turning 67

“I am 13!” I explained. My grandson responded, “No you're not. You're old!Of course, he was being teased but refused to take my bait. There is some truth to that fib, however. My tree rings now number 67, which caused me to pause and reflect. Who I Am Now...

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Martin Luther King

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. was more than an outstanding leader. He was a superhero! Dr. King lacked any superpowers, in a Superman or Wonder Woman sense. To me, he deserves this honor because...

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President Bush, High Road Leader

HRI Honors President George H. W. Bush The world has lost a high road leader! President Bush was a man committed to finding the good in people. His often-quoted speech that extolled “1,000 points of light” reminds us that everyone has value and gifts to...

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Santa is a Leadership Guru

A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation about leadership with a person I did not perceive as a leader: Santa Claus. I had a few minutes to talk with a professional Santa, and when he heard that I was a leadership coach, his eyes lit up and he...

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