The High Road® Leader Podcast

Season 1

Episode #3 |  Gina Cotner of Athena Executive Services

How can someone be a CEO and lead a company, yet have no employees?
Do you know how a leader can increase the level of team accountability, even though they are contractors?
My answer to these questions is found in this podcast.

Episode #2 |  Kristal Baker of Express Employment Professionals

Can someone who is drawn to design, color and fashion become a principled CEO?
Can you be a negotiator, salesperson, and problem solver yet still have time to recruit people for talent-starved clients?
You can if you are a high energy risk-taker! And that is why Kristal Baker is my guest.

Episode #1 |  Amy Essig Desai of Farallon Consulting

What does it take to shift from scientist to Chief Executive Officer in the same company? And once you are promoted to CEO, how do keep the company safe as you double in size and become employee owned? To find out the best practices needed to successfully handle those challenges, I invited to the program an up-and-coming senior leader, Amy Essig Desai.