Speaking Presentations & Keynotes

Specializing in Presentations that are effective for your organization; and here’s why:

A presentation is a waste of time if the attendee does not get an ‘A-HA’ moment or cannot use the information.


  •  I facilitate a learning process where, from the beginning, attendees formulate solutions for their issues.
  •  The attendee gets real-life solutions instead of theories and understands the WHY before we go into the HOW.
  •  The tools and solutions I share are proven effective because they work for me, my clients, and my teams.
  •  The attendee learns faster and retains the information longer because it is anchored with stories, humor, creative learning techniques including reinforcement and visual cues.
  •  By the end of the program, the attendee has written an individualized action plan for improvement.

Popular Presentation Topics

Our team regularly updates the following presentation outlines to reflect topics that organizations are requesting. If you would like a full list of presentations, or would like to discuss a custom solution for your organization, we’d love to hear from you.

I’m Their Leader (Yet I Cannot Lead!)

Objective: Inspire each person to own up to their reluctance to be vulnerable, act human, and lead through heart-felt connection. When the technical expert can do that, they gain respect, loyalty, and cooperation.

Summary: This program gives the leader the ability to transform into a leader worth following because they understand the Human Equation™. (S)he will begin to master the ability of fostering relationships based on empathy, trust, and mutual respect.

My Employees are disengaged

Objective: Inspire each person to recognize their potential as an influencer and exploit the leader within themselves.

Summary: This presentation gives the person who is now reluctant to lead, the spark to step up and be a leader. Attendees will practice how to unlock the ability to influence, be confident, feel capable, and begin the evolution into becoming an inspirational person of influence.

Please Don’t Put Me in Charge

Objective: Inspire each person to shed their reluctance to be a person of influence both at work and in life. Without courage, it is easy for your employee to declare, “I’m not a leader.”

Summary: This program gives the emerging or novice leader the ability to transform from a Reluctant LeaderTM into an influential person who leads with courage and conviction.
Unless your key employees step up to influence others, have an impact, and serve as agents of change your organization will stagnate, underperform, and lose valuable employees. You want these men and women to confidently step up and say “yes.”

Meet Ron Rael

Ron Rael is known for his groundbreaking techniques and for adeptly inspiring people to immediately apply what they learn. Ron successfully challenges your employees to think, act, and improve.