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Our mission at The High Road Institute is to train great leaders. The kind that is happy to come to work, make a difference, and rally the people!

Here’s How We Do It:

  • Resources – blog posts, 591/2 Seconds Email Newsletter, and more
  • Speaking – Ron Rael, NSA Member, speaks on a range of leadership topics customized to an organization’s specific needs
  • Corporate Training – The High Road Institute has a proven track record with building leaders at organizations like: Marsh, The University of Washington and The United States Navy

From the High Road Institute Blog

Losing Your Mom Sucks… So Does Losing a Good leader!

Losing Your Mom Sucks… So Does Losing a Good leader!

Loss of a Good Leader Leaves a Hole that Hurts in Many Ways Mom’s Death My Mother recently left this world. As part of my grieving process I have spent a lot of time reflecting, recalling about her life, and journaling my feelings.  This is one thing I know for sure…...

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Where Will the New Leaders Come From?

Where Will the New Leaders Come From?

The Need for More Good Leaders is Everywhere! Have you heard the stories of Kamaria Warren, Carson King, Brecken Hayes, Sasha Thomas, Jack Beason, or Dillon Eisman? You haven’t? You need to! These children represent our next generations (next gen) of leaders and these...

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You’re smart.
And, you desire to make a difference.

That’s exactly the type of person we can help. While our method focuses on leadership, the result is a happier & versatile professional.

I deliver SOLUTIONS that address the Human Element of Leading others; tools that instigate good change.

About Ron Rael


I am… usually irreverent, sometimes satirical, and always provocative!

Don’t worry, my humorous nature blends with a serious-minded focus on High Road® Leadership. I want you to become the best leader you can be and help you achieve an accomplished career.