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Our mission at The High Road Institute is to train great leaders. The kind that is happy to come to work, make a difference, and rally the people!

Here’s How We Do It:

  • Resources – blog posts, 591/2 Seconds Email Newsletter, and more
  • Speaking – Ron Rael, NSA Member, speaks on a range of leadership topics customized to an organization’s specific needs
  • Corporate Training – The High Road Institute has a proven track record with building leaders at organizations like: Marsh, The University of Washington and The United States Navy

From the High Road Institute Blog

Become a Better Leader by Behaving Like a Frying Pan!

Become a Better Leader by Behaving Like a Frying Pan!

What can a frying pan teach us about leadership? A whole lot it turns out.   To be a successful leader of improvements for moving forward, you need to develop a mental and emotional toughness. This toughness is required because you will find yourself stuck in the...

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Get Back on the Bus! Sources of Your Leadership Character

Get Back on the Bus! Sources of Your Leadership Character

One particular morning a mother sees her 8-year-old son Ronnie off to school. Following their routine, she walks him to the bus stop where they wait patiently. The bus arrives. Ronnie gets on. His mother returns home to get ready for work. 15 minutes later the...

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Gibbs’s Rules

Gibbs’s Rules

One of my favorite TV programs is NCIS. The main character of the show is a retired Marine gunny by the name of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. “Gibbs,” as he likes to be called, is a man of conviction. In this highly rated drama of murder, detection, and high-tech forensics,...

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You’re smart.
And, you desire to make a difference.

That’s exactly the type of person we can help. While our method focuses on leadership, the result is a happier & versatile professional.

I deliver SOLUTIONS that address the Human Element of Leading others; tools that instigate good change.

About Ron Rael


I am… usually irreverent, sometimes satirical, and always provocative!

Don’t worry, my humorous nature blends with a serious-minded focus on High Road® Leadership. I want you to become the best leader you can be and help you achieve an accomplished career.