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We Train Leaders!


Our mission at The High Road® Institute is to train great leaders. The kind that is happy to come to work, make a difference, and rally the people!

Here’s How We Do It:

  • Resources – blog posts, 591/2 Seconds Email Newsletter, and more
  • Speaking – Ron Rael, NSA Member, speaks on a range of leadership topics customized to an organization’s specific needs
  • Corporate Training – The High Road® Institute has a proven track record with building leaders at organizations like: Marsh, The University of Washington and The United States Navy

From the High Road® Institute Blog

The Great Leader Revels in Accomplishment

The Great Leader Revels in Accomplishment

The moment I noticed it I felt the irony. A dragonfly resting on a dragonfly! And that is the moment I saw efficiency in motion.   Let me start at the beginning… On a summer afternoon in our backyard garden, my wife and I enjoyed dinner in the warm sunshine. In...

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Are You Called a Bad Leader?

Are You Called a Bad Leader?

“There Is No Such Thing As A Bad Kid” This is the title of a book published in 2017, and the gist is that before we label a child as “bad,” we need to dig into the causes of their disruptive behavior. What does that have to do with leadership? [I am glad you asked.]...

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You’re smart.
And, you desire to make a difference.

That’s exactly the type of person we can help. While our method focuses on leadership, the result is a happier & versatile professional.

I deliver SOLUTIONS that address the Human Element of Leading others; tools that instigate good change.

About Ron Rael


I am… usually irreverent, sometimes satirical, and always provocative!

Don’t worry, my humorous nature blends with a serious-minded focus on High Road® Leadership. I want you to become the best leader you can be and help you achieve an accomplished career.