Virtual Presentations

With companies rushing to adjust to workplace changes the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on, there is an increased need for online training, meetings, and conferences. Not all speakers and facilitators are able to transition to these virtual platforms, and still provide the same impact as in-person.

A pioneer in online training, Ron has 20-years experience in delivering high-quality distance learning, and inspirational virtual keynotes.

Ron Rael

An Innovator and Pioneer in Virtual Education

Ron Rael has been doing online presentations and webcasts for more than twenty years. He’s hosted television programs and mastered the art of being lively and interesting on camera.

He has curated a tremendous library of leading-edge content and has updated most of it to shorter formats for eLearning. He’s developed techniques and tools for ensuring that his virtual presentations are interesting, fun, and interactive. Participants stay engaged, grow, and can apply this new wisdom right away.

Ron is immediately available to work virtually with you to support or create a leadership development plan, log continuing ed hours, and more.

“Ron – Thanks for presenting with us! Your webinar was very well received and we would love to have you present on it again in a few months.”

“Rating 5 out of 5. Very helpful subject matter with a great speaker!”

Popular Topics

Ron hosting the television program “TV ToastMasters©”

Ron pioneering live webcasts in 2003

Ron’s WHF Virtual Studio in 2020

Keep your virtual team engaged and productive!

Ron has the expertise and is ready to immediately deliver online virtual presentations, continuing education classes, or coaching to your audience.

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