Mother Nature, Leadership, and Your Job

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What an insight! They say that a hot shower can produce good ideas and clear thinking. That was true for me that morning.


I am learning to appreciate the abundance in my life and as I shower, I focus my thoughts on all the people who contributed to the creation of this shower space along with the constant flow of hot water. Then, as I grab the soap and the shampoo, I think about the people involved in those creations.


One morning I decided to express appreciation to Mother Nature or Gaia (as I refer to this amazing force). That is the moment an amazing insight struck me like a brain freeze.


Everything I look at and touch comes from Gaia.

I spent the rest of that day looking at or touching items to see if I could find anything that ‘she’ did not gave us. I could not. Even synthetic items like plastic are sourced from nature.

Try that exercise out in your life and I will bet you cannot find any single tangible item.

What does that have to do with leadership?

I see a direct correlation between a leader and Gaia. Here is why…

Think about the organization you work (or once worked) for. Then think about all the successes and mistakes you witness. Think about the approaches to how things get done or did not get done. Think about the quality of the products / services and the quality of the employees there.

Everything in an organization and its marketplace is sourced directly by its leadership. An item you thought of may exist simply because of a lack of leadership.

Here is another bet I will make with you. If you believe you found something that exists or takes place in your organization that DOES NOT emanate from the leaders there, send me an email and explain it. If I cannot convince you of the direct correlation of that thing and a leader, you will be awarded a $5 gift card from Starbucks or any other place that issues them.

This leadership insight is the reason why I spend a lot of my day thinking, writing, and speaking about high quality leadership.

Another time I will tell you about the second insight from my morning shower. Until then, please ponder on these two statements:

  • You and I would not exist without Gaia’s benevolence.
  • Your company and your job would not exist without the actions and decision of leaders.

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