I not really sure I am cut out to be a leader…!?

not ready, untrained, over your head

It’s great to be the person in-charge. But, you may not be ready to take the reigns of leadership. Yet. The way you become the leader is by leading in every situation you are involved in. The more experiences you have as a leader, the faster you develop the skills and become a leader worth following. Ron provides you the experiences that will help you become a good leader very quickly. You will soon earn respect, and see the impact and influence you can have. #everyonecanlead


Ron Rael travels around the country delivering powerful and tailored keynotes for Organizations and companies.

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Specific training with your organization’s goals in mind, designed by the High Road© Institute.

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The High Road© Institute offers webinar training for companies that prefer a more economical or consistent leadership support. This is a great solution for teams geographically dispersed.

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The Reluctant Leader is the key to the leadership door, which is available to everyone and opens constantly. Throughout your life you will be in situations where you need to be the leader for a day, month, year, or lifetime. Therefore this book is conceived to give you the confidence to lead others whenever the door is open to you. Everyone will find themselves in a position of guiding others at least once in their lifetime. This opportunity often arises when there is a void in leadership.

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