Issue: No one on the team wants to take responsibility.

When members of your team are not taking responsibility, it is an indication that there are no consequences for shirking their responsibilities. One of the most difficult tasks for an emerging leader is to hold people accountable consistently.

Your first step is to clearly define the expectations for quality and follow-through for the entire team and explain your reasons for the new standards. Next, explain both the benefits for compliance and the consequences for noncompliance.

Your final step is to show tough love and deal with the individual who fails to live up to those expectations. At first you will meet with resistance because you have changed the ‘rules’ of the game. A leader establishes the rules and then enforces them.

However, as members of your team see that you do not allow them to avoid their responsibilities, they will realize that you are acting as a leader should. Be bold and courageous.

Remember, the leader must define the rules of the game and then ensure that everyone plays by the rules.