The Economic Outlook and Low Road Leaders

by | Mar 12, 2012 | High Road Accountability and Ethics, High Road Leadership


The current economic conditions we are experiencing will test many leaders.


 During the boom years, no matter how good or bad your company was, you had to be really awful to fail (see Bear Stearns)! This economic downturn separated the competent from those who were less competent.


 During tough times some leaders will justify taking shortcuts and do unethical things just to survive. Don’t be one of them!


 If you are committed to the High Road you must not give in to this temptation. While you might obtain short-term gains by taking the low road, this attitude will bite you in the end. Just as leaders who are committed to the High Road act the same in public and in private, they also behave the same in good times and bad.


 During this difficult time, will you stay committed to the High Road?