Recipe for Sustainable Profits

by | May 21, 2012 | High Road Leadership


With these five powerful and expansive ingredients you can build a business organization that will last for decades if not centuries.

1. Start with the Leader

Building a business with sustainable profits starts with a high caliber and courageous leader. 

2. Roll out the Culture

The leader establishes and supports a healthy culture for the company. 

3. Mix in the People

The culture brings in people who are committed to doing their best to make the company successful. 

4. Pour it into a Business Model

Interdependently, the leader, the culture, and the people strive to build a viable and reliable business model. This realistic and viable business model will ultimately bring in sustainable profits. 

5. Let it Grow while Proactively Managing, Measuring, and Monitoring

A weakness or flaw in any of those four ingredients will ensure that this business never rises to its full potential. That is why it is everyone’s responsibility to manage, measure, and monitor all the key aspects of what generates success and satisfied customers or clients.