Leadership Credibility

by | Sep 6, 2012 | High Road Leadership

First let me say that the High Road® Institute is not endorsing any candidate or political party. I am merely using a photo of former president Bill Clinton because no one can deny that he has charisma, one of the key ingredients for leadership credibility.

Credibility is important, even imperative for leaders, because with credibility, you will be taken seriously.

 Keys to Credibility

1) Your Character

This is your personal “DNA” as a person and professional. Character is made up of how you act privately and publicly.

 2) Your Competence

If you are competent, you have the required qualification, skills or knowledge. You demonstrate your competence to others through an ongoing and live demonstration.

 3) Your Charisma

This is defined as your personae, or how you are perceived by those around you. This is the attraction or repulsion others feel when being in your presence.

 Sources of Credibility

Leadership credibility comes from the evident congruence or lack of congruence between:

  • The words you speak AND how you behave.
  • The skills you claim you have AND those you actually display.
  • The principles you say you believe in AND those principles you choose to follow.
  • The values that you hold dear AND how those values are applied to others.