High Road® Leadership Philosophy part 2

by | Nov 2, 2012 | High Road Leadership

Leadership – Both Art and Science

Leadership is a known, common, and universal role, yet despite decades of study and analysis on the art of leadership, how to consistently and adeptly lead is filled with mystery and wonder.

 Leadership is really an attitude and a way of managing one’s self rather than just a rote list of duties. A person in a leader role is generally judged by the outcomes produced rather than the process used. Yet real leaders are as equally concerned about the proccess or path as they are with the fruits of their team’s efforts.

 No matter whose opinion you follow about what makes an outstanding leader and which traits are most important to make a leader effective, there are eight universal and non-negotiable aspects of leadership that separate the genuine leader from the poser. The number one aspect is your ultimate objective of being a leader and number two is the payoff that results from this objective. As you display the remaining character traits, people make a judgment as to whether or not you are a person worthy of following. These eight aspects are especially important to the person who wants to be taken seriously as an admirable leader.

 Non Negotiable Aspects of High Road® Leadership

  1. Integrity – Your ultimate objective
  2. Credibility – The outcome of having integrity and a trait of your character
  3. Honesty – Trait of your character
  4. Communication – Trait of your character
  5. Trustworthiness – Trait of your character
  6. Ethical commitment – Trait of your character
  7. Compassion – Trait of your character
  8. Courage – Trait of your character