Great Expectations

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Blog, High Road Accountability and Ethics


Issue: No one on the team wants to take responsibility.

When people on your team defer taking on responsibility, it is a clear indication that you have failed to set expectations. Accountability only exists when the leader defines what behaviors are acceptable and those that are not. It will take time to change your team’s culture, yet it is an important responsibility.

I suggest what you must do first is to reestablish accountability and define what you expect from each member of your team, including yourself. You must then work to ensure that each person lives up to those expectations. You cannot allow deviations or exemptions. Examples of expectations can be the quality of work, meeting deadlines, achieving targets, keeping communication channels open, honesty, and any behavioral quality that is necessary to get the work done.

Be sure to remind everyone of these expectations each time you meet and for interactions with those employees who shirk taking responsibility.