16 Qualities of Effective Teams

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Blog, High Road Accountability and Ethics, High Road Cooperation and Unity

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You can tell if a team has an attitude of interdependence by the following hallmarks. When your group is truly interdependent, every employee on the team adopts these attitudes and models the behavior.

  • Every one of us can and will help any customer.
  • We cover for the person who is out.
  • We trust one another.
  • We know we can rely on each other.
  • Every goal is our goal.
  • Everyone’s priority is the team’s priority.
  • We share regularly what everyone is working on.
  • We assist the person who has more work than time.
  • Even when the leader is out, we make decisions and make things happen.
  • We share resources and ideas.
  • We strengthen the weakest link on the team.
  • We never cover up our mistakes.
  • We focus on solutions and never on blame.
  • We hold one another accountable to the standards.
  • We share the credit for our successes.
  • We win together or we lose together; we choose to win.

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