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The team at The High Road Institute want you to succeed with not only your organization’s goals but your own goals as well. ‘Ask Ron’ was created to open a dialogue between people struggling with leadership and management problems and someone who has been answering those questions for over 40 years. With all the questions we receive, we are diligent in removing any identifying information and answer in a timely and customized manner. No canned responses here! Because you matter.


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Accountability Starts with Me!

Accountability is an extremely high standard, and this is why many people and organizations lack this quality. In this insightful article, an expert defines accountability for you, a quality essential for delivering quality customer service. You will discover some reasons why accountability is so seldom practiced and what you can do ensure that it is a standard for your organization.

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Attitudes that Lead to Huge Failures

“I want it all!” or “I want more!” “I am in control!” “I am better than you!” “I have no flaws!” “Not in my backyard.” “I have complete power over you!” “Do what I say and ignore what I do!” “You cannot get away with that!” “Your piece is bigger than mine!” “I don’t...

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Transparent: Verb Before Adjective

  “We are a company that practices transparency.” “I am transparent!” I frequently hear statements like these in company advertisements and from individuals running for public office. However, like the labels of ethical and integrity, transparent is an adjective...

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The High Road Leader Does Exist

  What is right with leaders today?   Leaders are the moral center of the group or organization they lead. What we hear most often about are the unethical leaders who don’t have a moral center or who prefer the low road.   Thankfully, there...

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Tips for Employee Town Hall Meetings

Another method for engaging employees is to hold professionally facilitated town hall meetings and focus groups. These well-organized and timely sessions are designed to get employees to open up and more importantly to listen to messages you need them to hear....

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Women’s History Month

March was dedicated to honoring and celebrating women. Let’s extend this effort to recognizing and encouraging the women who lead us every spectrum of life.

The best place for a woman to start leading is where she is right now.

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Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

A leader needs his or her credibility to be trusted. While you are human and will make mistakes, it is a trait of preeminent leaders to think ahead and do continuous scenario planning. Here are actions and behaviors to avoid, demonstrating your commitment...

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On Turning 67

“I am 13!” I explained. My grandson responded, “No you're not. You're old!Of course, he was being teased but refused to take my bait. There is some truth to that fib, however. My tree rings now number 67, which caused me to pause and reflect. Who I Am Now...

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was a great leader! One of his abilities was to look out past the now, to think about the long-term. With this asset, he then developed a vision for our future. For example, he forsaw the menacing presence of Japan as early as 1896 and...

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Martin Luther King

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. was more than an outstanding leader. He was a superhero! Dr. King lacked any superpowers, in a Superman or Wonder Woman sense. To me, he deserves this honor because...

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