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The team at The High Road Institute want you to succeed with not only your organization’s goals but your own goals as well. ‘Ask Ron’ was created to open a dialogue between people struggling with leadership and management problems and someone who has been answering those questions for over 40 years. With all the questions we receive, we are diligent in removing any identifying information and answer in a timely and customized manner. No canned responses here! Because you matter.


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Risk Taking Versus Risk Management

“Many managers and executives fail to see the difference between risk-taking and risk management. Quite often seasoned managers and executives tell me, ‘Risk management prevents risk-taking.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. You will be a smarter...

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President Bush, High Road Leader

HRI Honors President George H. W. Bush The world has lost a high road leader! President Bush was a man committed to finding the good in people. His often-quoted speech that extolled “1,000 points of light” reminds us that everyone has value and gifts to...

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Santa is a Leadership Guru

A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation about leadership with a person I did not perceive as a leader: Santa Claus. I had a few minutes to talk with a professional Santa, and when he heard that I was a leadership coach, his eyes lit up and he...

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How Professionals Can Deliver Super Service

The Ace Hardware store located in my neighborhood is a great place to shop. Tim, the owner/manager has raised customer service to an art form. As a direct result, his sales have significantly increased ever since Tim arrived. Tim’s growing customer base...

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The Lone Wolf Can Never Lead!

  You will likely be placed in charge of a project, engagement, or team. If you act like a lone wolf instead of a true team leader, you will fail! Loren’s Complaint After a presentation, I was approached by a shy technologist. Loren had been recently...

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What My Mother’s Long Life Teaches about Leadership

My mother’s 90th birthday is a testament to the traits that kept her surviving and thriving. She has demonstrated that she is a leader, though she would not call herself one. And the way she lives her life teaches us how to thrive and survive as a leader, an influencer.

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Employee Loyalty – A Quality Product

An article in the Wall Street Journal summarized a comprehensive survey of American workers. The survey found, "American workers are less loyal to employers than in the past." Downsizing, weeding of management layers and the fear of being fired are reasons...

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