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with Leadership Speaker, Ron Rael

Imagine what it would be like if the people you need to be instigators and influencers were fully capable and competent leaders, worth following.

About Ron Rael

As a Leadership Speaker, this is what you will gain when I speak at your next leadership event:

Insights into Great Leadership – I share my 40+ years of wisdom and best practices. The audience experiences my ‘Sticky TACS’ method that results in immediate application.

Experiential Learning in Leading Others – The only way to learn how to lead well is by doing it. Your audience will engage in activities that simulate the actual issues they face. This practice boosts their confidence.

Maximum Participant Engagement – When involved, audience retention of information exceeds 60%. I get everyone involved in actions that build trust and foster cooperation. The learning continues long after your event ends.

We need employees to take more risks and be innovative
How to Manage People
Become a Super Productive Team
We need employees to take charge and lead
How to Build Better Employee Engagement
Become a Team That is Dependable & Reliable
How to Get Employees on the Same Page
Deal With An Overly Critical Boss
We Need Employees Who Will Contribute Because They Feel Valued

10-Day Leadership Makeover

Looking to improve your leadership skills? By taking the 10-Day Leadership Makeover you’ll have a quick and effective tool to identify and solve common leadership problems.

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