The Inner Leader

To assist each individual to discover and exploit the leader within themselves. Awakening the Leader Within: The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Ability to Influence

“You are a leader, even when you don’t think you are.”

The Three Keys:

  1. Key #1: Recognizing Domains of Leadership Strength
  2. Key #2: Uncovering your own Cluster of leadership skills
  3. Key #3: Empowering Yourself


The High Road® of Leading

To persuade each individual that they have the courage to follow their convictions. The Road to Fruition or Perdition: Your 3 Obligations for Being Effective

“Courage is the decision to live what you believe.”

The three duties:

  1. Duty #1 – Know your beliefs
  2. Duty #2 – Decide what is worth fighting for
  3. Duty #3 – Find your inner zeal to act


The Leadership Door©

To persuade each person to look for the leadership door and say yes when the opportunity arises. The Door That Opens On Its Own: 3 Traits You Need to Succeed

“Everyone will find themselves in a position of guiding others at least once in their lifetime.”

  1. Trait #1 – Make things happen
  2. Trait #2 – Make things better
  3. Trait #3 – Get people involved and engaged