High Road® Leadership Services

• Team Coaching.

• Leader One-on-One Coaching.

• Assessment and counsel.


High Road® Leader Development

• Succession Plans

• Leadership University

A growing trend in leading-edge firms is the creation of a formal in-house Leadership University or succession program to internally develop tomorrow’s leaders. The HRI assists you in developing and implementing your program by putting into place the specific techniques for identifying, recruiting, and training leadership talent. HRI will partner with you to ensure that your program is effective by providing the leaders of tomorrow daily opportunities to apply the leadership competencies. Your program will quickly fill your leadership talent pool.


Leadership Best Practices

• Executive Roundtables

A Roundtable is a small group of CEOs and Executives who meet regularly to support one another in solving problems and share best practices, while improving their business and professional competencies. The HRI will facilitate informal discussions in a safe marketing-free environment with your peer CEOs and Executives to help you clarify issues and convert strengths, threats, and limitations into opportunities.


Educational or Leadership Conference Presentations

The High Road® Institute provides keynote addresses and educational breakout presentations at conferences and expos. These presentations range from forty-five minutes to half-day. While the HRI focus is normally on leadership, emerging trends or hot-button topics can also be addressed.


High Road® Research

• White Papers: up-to-date common sense information issued by the HRI Fellows.

• Employee Surveys: insightful information that tells you the issues employees want their leaders to address.


High Road® Facilitation of Board/Management Retreats

Board or Management retreats will help you plan for your future and address critical decisions. A retreat is a rare opportunity for the board or management team to work at its ìgameî and to achieve a new standard of performance while energizing one another. While the goals for every retreat vary, the main point is to use this stress-free opportunity to accomplish something that can’t be done through routine meetings in the office.

The High Road® Institute is an excellent source to facilitate your meeting and foster open dialog. The HRI will ensure your team generates an aligned action plan for lasting and innovative improvements.