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The Lone Wolf Can Never Lead!

  You will likely be placed in charge of a project, engagement, or team. If you act like a lone wolf instead of a true team leader, you will fail! Loren’s Complaint After a presentation, I was approached by a shy technologist. Loren had been recently...

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Employee Loyalty – A Quality Product

An article in the Wall Street Journal summarized a comprehensive survey of American workers. The survey found, "American workers are less loyal to employers than in the past." Downsizing, weeding of management layers and the fear of being fired are reasons...

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The Unwanted Stuff (part 1)

Forcing yourself to do unwanted stuff is a high friction enterprise. You may feel like it makes you noble but it doesn’t. It just makes you numb.”   Thomas J. Leonard     The trick is figuring out what is “unwanted stuff.”    Busy, Busy, Busy  Our workdays...

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