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How to Recognize an Ineffective Leader

It is overly simplistic to say that a poor leader is the opposite of a great leader. Here are 18 signs that a leader is inadequate. A poor leader: Leads others in the wrong direction Makes the right decision for the wrong reason Is egocentric Does not care Is selfish...

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The Inner Leader

To assist each individual to discover and exploit the leader within themselves. Awakening the Leader Within: The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Ability to Influence “You are a leader, even when you don’t think you are.” The Three Keys: Key #1: Recognizing Domains of...

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From Budget to Potential

Does your company’s budget do the following? -          Allow you to see risks as mere molehills. -          Enforce decision-makers to use resources only to further their strategic goals. -          Change as your clients or market does. If you answered all 3 with...

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