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“What is it about a leader’s communication style that enhances their effectiveness?


Insight I have noticed that an admired leader communicates differently. It is not the tone or rate that makes a good leader’s communication stand out, but rather it is the quality and how it impacts others. Two important qualities of a leader’s communication style are positivity and calmness.

A leader almost always sees the positive or upside of an issue or person. An effective leader rarely speaks in a demeaning or negative way, even when the situation calls for it, or the leader feels less than positive. To me, it comes from habit and from having an “I am able to deal with the cards that were dealt” attitude. A trait of the great leader is that they assume the best about a situation and person.

I know when I am in the presence of a great leader because this person has a calm way of conversing, which I can feel. This is where leadership charisma starts. The leader, relying on their positive and passionate nature, believes that no obstacle is too large to overcome. This can-do attitude flows naturally out of their demeanor and conversation. Even if they are worried, you will not know it.

–Ron Rael