About HRI

Key to LeadershipWe believe having engaged employees will result in quality customer service, high levels of productivity, innovative ideas, high retention and impressive profits. The High Road® Institute will partner with you to help you accomplish these goals by listening and truly understanding you and your business.


The High Road® Institute will facilitate both the interpersonal and group processes that generate synergy and problem-solving behaviors. We are an institution where our clients see the benefit of human potential in the work place, in leadership, and throughout society.


The High Road® Institute teaches our clients that when people bond in a common purpose, they pull together but when people fail to have one purpose, they fight each other. We help you find the High Road® common purpose.


The language and ideas behind the High Road® Institute’s training methods and programs provide a sturdy and robust platform that will allow those who participate to become more aware of the effect of their choices on their workplace, their families, communities and society to which they belong.


The High Road® Institute will assist you in finding sustainable growth by helping you manage change, connect your employee’s development to business strategy, and turn their learning into repeatable performance improvements.


The High Road® Institute has taught the High Road® philosophy and methods since 1984. Let the High Road® Institute help you fulfill your goals and mission.